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302 West Market Street
Greensboro, NC, 27401
united states

(336) 275-4587

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The gospels are full of Jesus' explicit, clear instruction to abandon our dependence on material wealth and to give generously. Why do Jesus' instructions make us so uncomfortable? If we really trust God, why would these commands make us so nervous? There are many "why questions" when it comes to Jesus' words about giving.

In the video system below, we will examine some of the reasons for giving to West Market Church... This Is Why. Ministry is possible because of YOU and your generosity.

Listen to our first story about how West Market Church's Wednesday Missions Programs for children have touched one family. Your gifts make this ministry possible.

Our second story is from one of our youth that explains what being a part of our youth program means to him. We have had a real impact in Spencer's life because of your support.

Our third story is from a man who came to the Winter Shelter who found himself homeless. We are happy to say he's in his own home now, but when he needed it, we were there for him. Our shelter, support and giving has had an effect on Bobby's life. This support could not have happened without your gifts.

For information about how to complete you 2019 Commitment Card,
click here to read West Market Church’s Guide to Giving.

For information about West Market Church’s
Vision for Ministry & Mission in 2019, click here.