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302 West Market Street
Greensboro, NC, 27401
united states

(336) 275-4587

Website for West Market Street United Methodist Church. 


Music and the Arts


Music is an integral and vital part of worship and fellowship at West Market Street UMC, providing a source of joy, hope, and inspiration for members and non-members alike both today and throughout the history of the church and community. The Music and Arts Ministry offers many opportunities for volunteers to take part in proclaiming the glory of the Lord through making music together. Whether you like to sing or play an instrument, your creative gifts and talents are welcome here at West Market!



Out of regard for the Akron plan interior of this historic church building, this instrument is located in a chamber behind the altar platform. The case front draws on architectural motifs found in the sanctuary. The attached console and mechanical key action give intimate control of the instrument; an electric stop action and multi-level combination are also provided. Mechanical design of the organ presented a challenge because of the plan of the chamber; nevertheless, the resulting design provides fine projection from all divisions and gives ready access for tuning and maintenance.The tonal design is a collaboration between Dobson and Los Angeles organ builder Manuel Rosales, who assisted with the scaling and voicing. Jerry Marshall of KMK Associates provided acoustical advice and Terry Byrd Eason served as liturgical architect. The instrument was dedicated on Sunday, 17 October 1999, and a recital was presented that afternoon by Susan Bates, Organist of the church.


The sounds listed below are all available on the Dobson-Rosales. Any given Sunday you will hear some alone or in combination. 

The foot designation (16’, 8’, 4’, 2’) indicates the length of the longest pipe.

Our organ also has special stops such as a cymbelstern (a collection of bells that ring- often used at Easter or Christmas) and a nightingale stop (which sounds like birds singing). 

Some photos of stops:


The harpsichord at West Market Street UMC was created by the world-renowned builder Richard Kingston and was given ad gloriam Dei et in memoriam (To the glory of God and in memory of) Betty Turner Guill in 1997 by her family. It is one of only 333 instruments built by Richard Kingston, whose motto “do one thing and do it well” led to some of the most beautiful sounding harpsichords of our age. Other instruments by Kingston grace top music schools, concert halls, churches and homes around the globe. 

The harpsichord at West Market Street UMCS is a single manual instrument; 8’, 8’, buff; transposing; 52 notes BB- d’’’.