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A Sacred Life

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A Sacred Life

Carol Key

We are meant to live a sacred life. A sacred life is a life filled with purpose, meaning, and direction. However, the world is a hazardous place and many people do not have the easy opportunity to pursue a sacred life due to the needs, afflictions, life conditions, expectations, alluring desires, lack of courage, care of what other people think, and culture driven ideas of what life is to resemble. Any or all of these issues can confound our desire to live a sacred life.

Living a sacred life with God is a desire that is in us all the time. We will not be fulfilled unless we are attuned to God. The attractions, seductions, and distractions that call us away from God are all around us. We are persuaded by a lie that these attractions, seductions, and distractions are necessities and we are falsely convinced if we do not have these things we are limited and less than exceptional. As a result we fill our arms with numerous and needless “necessities” that continually implant fear that we do not have enough resulting in an empty and listless life. We are made with a purpose and that purpose is to be in relationship with and for God.

Advent brings this to mind. We are entering a time when we are immersing our life into the life of a hoped for and longed for Savior. We are being prepared and awakened to our spiritual needs. Every worship service, service event, and outreach opportunity during Advent is drawing us into our purpose and relationship with Jesus. Take ad-vantage of all of these and particularly, participate in our Insta Advent by following West Market Church on Instagram for daily images and scripture to prepare your hearts for the arrival of our relationship with Jesus. Your access is @westmarketchurch_greensboro. Enter into a sacred life.