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Baptism is Letting Go

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Baptism is Letting Go

Carol Key

We spend most of our life trying to hang on to the securities we have around us. We hold on to our loved relationships, our secure homes, our stable civil society, and we battle any threat that may come to rip away our security. Then, we become frustrated because life will evolve into a fleeting attempt to hold to everything secure as we find we are forced to continually say goodbye while our securities become dead weight. Our early surprise of the terminal nature of life is replaced with a startling fear that life is transitory. The ephemeral supports become weak and flimsy.

I am not surprised that the secular-minded individual will fall into pessimism or nihilism believing life is meaningless and hopeless. All the facts seem to point to life being nothing but happenstance and hope nothing but an optimistic lark. The facts point to death knowing that our things, our kings, our empires, and our projects will not last.

We, in the church, do not play this coy game. We do not live in blind optimism. Through our Savior we fully face death and then find our hope in what is beyond death. Where the flimsy hopes of this world let us down, the truth of the Lord aims us to hope beyond hope. Baptism is our claim that this world does not own or define us as we are forced to begin to let go of our alleged securities as we arrive in the everlasting arms of Jesus. Baptism tells us that once you are dead you have nothing else to fear.

Paul says it best, Do you not know that all of us who have been baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into His death? Romans 6:3